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Born when the Pin Cushion, a market stall in Brierley Hill indoor market, was closed by the retiring owner of 25 years.

We stepped in, purchased what little stock remained , bought some more and continued trading. By ploughing all takings into replenishing stock the business soon got back to a break-even footing, but lacked the room to display the miriad of stock items. Or indeed, expand into areas we wanted, to enrich the customer experience. 

When the option of expanding within the market was ruled out for many reasons, the current shop site, just 100 metres from the market, in Mill Street, was was secured and trading moved to a new site. 

During the pandemic we were climbing over supply boxes just to pack and send out, so at the end of the first lockdown we moved to a larger store on the High Street, just metres from our original home.

Here we  continue to enlarge our stock, to cater for all crafts, creative hobbying and cottage industry based on crafting at considerably lower prices to other local establishments, including national chains based at Merry Hill, just 800 metres away.

Not only are we cheaper, but you can buy most things one at a time. Ribbon, elastic, lace, braid and Velcro in single metres, or whatever length you require, not prepackaged.

Unlike many shops we display everything in a way that you can browse, touch and feel, to enjoy your shopping experience. Many customers comment that the establishment is akin to an Aladin's cave. Every time they come in, they discover something new.

99% of all new visitors, leave renamed the terminator...... they all utter those immortal words 'I'll be back!' You cannot get a better recommendation than that.

We stock Woolcraft, Robin, Faircroft, Wendy, Jarol, Pato & Cygnet knitting yarns in every type starting at just £1.80 per 100g ball. THE CHEAPEST QUALITY YARNS IN THE BLACK COUNTRY! We are now a stockist foe Emu yarns as well.

Come on down and take a look, we sell almost everything at  internet prices, or very close, on the High Street.

As the shop expands we have now employed a seamstress to carry out customers garment repairs and alteration. Irene can even make cushions for you.


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